Round of gourmet feta made in Germany on Alpma equiment, identical to the cheese we
will be manufacturing

Delicious! Everything we do is directed toward delicious.

Great-tasting cheese from a great, community-oriented company.

Saratoga Cheese Corporation is a start-up company planning to construct a $40 million cheese manufacturing plant in Cayuga County, New York. Construction is expected to begin in 2013, with cheese being delivered to our customers a year after construction begins.

We will use the most energy-efficient, technologically-advanced manufacturing system in the world. All of our cheeses will be gourmet, Halal and high Kosher. What could be better for the cheese-loving public?

Saratoga Cheese Corporation is a carefully-researched, and developed company which intends to make the most delicious, high-quality gourmet feta and other cheeses, as well as to have one of the lowest carbon footprints in the cheese industry.

Construction of this plant will be assisted by support from Federal and New York State grants and low-interest loans, plus from our major private equity investors.


Milestones of December 8, 2011

In our company's engineering, market research, financing, all have moved ahead one small step at a time.

However, Thursday, December 8, 2011 was a banner day. Four significant positive steps happened all on the same day! Years of work were necessary to produce each of these steps, yet, they all happened on the same day.

First, at a meeting of the Town of Aurelius Town Board, the Board issued a Negative Declaration for our Environmental Assessment Form. While this might sound like a bad thing, it is, in fact, very positive. It means that the Board finds no significant environmental impacts from our project. This is a procedure under the State Enviromental Quality Review Act and was necessary for further steps to be taken.

Next was the biggest step: approval of our site plan! At the meeting, the Town Board approved the plan for the site of our our factory. A site plan includes the location and footprint of buildings, driveways, parking lots, set-backs, curb cuts and other physical design features. This shows meaningful progress to our investors and others.

Next was approval by the Town Board of a Memorandum of Understanding on matters related to the quantity and quality of sewer flows from our proposed factory. This has been a difficult issue for all concerned, largely because of capacity limits of the existing Town sewer pumping station.

Finally, another milestone was reached for the project. Earlier that same day in Albany, the Governor had announced the winners of a new economic development grant selection process. Included among the approved grants was one for the Cayuga County Industrial Development Agency. It is for $750,000 and includes funds to upgrade the sewer pumping station which has caused the difficulties in negotiating the Memorandum of Understanding.

As a result of this banner day of four positive developments, there was only one downside. That was an article in the Auburn Citizen newspaper the next morning. Unfortunately the Citizen assigned a young reporter to the story about the Town Board meeting who could not sort out the complexities of the meeting. Adding to the problem was the fact that MOUs for three unrelated projects were all discussed during the same meeting. The result was a garbled, inaccurate story which could mislead potential investors in our project to think that we had not achieved any success that night. Fortunately, a few days later, the newspaper published a more detailed story which corrected the mistakes.